SAR Helicopter crashed off Norway

From Gcaptain Newsletter today:

Note: This helicopter was NOT on a regular trip with crews to/from platforms in the North Sea.
The helicopter was associated with the SAR service for the Oseberg area in the North Sea.
At the time of the accident, the helicopter was engaged in a search and rescue exercise on behalf of Equinor.

Latest from Norwegian broadcaster NRK:

There is a shortage of spare parts for S-92s, I wonder if this might be a factor in the crash.

It is very difficult for operators to get new gear boxes.

Slightly off topic but I’ve heard a people say that allegedly Bristow are one of the worst operators to fly with if flying offshore from Aberdeen in the UK. I heard the security checks can very very unhygienic and dirty, they go from passenger to passenger touching everything in your bags without changing rubber gloves. you almost get treated like a suspected terrorist not someone who is going to their work.

They say that NHV is one of the better operators in the UK, passengers are treated with respect and not as suspected terrorists.

I don’t understand why getting a flight from a heliport is so much more stressful than getting one from an airport. Historically there was allegedly a lot of steroid use on offshore platforms in the UK sectors, so security was tightened up to get check bags for steroids. But instead of that they should increase drug testing.

It’s not fair that everyone gets treated like terrorists going to their work just because of some steroid users, there should be an increase in drug and alcohol testing to catch the drug users that way instead.

Also bringing in criminal background checks would screen out bad characters.

A combination of drug testing and criminal background checks would make working offshore a more pleasant experience for normal people, instead of making everyone suffer at heliports.

Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority is now talking about grounding S-92A.

That will be a big problem, I think that is the only model that is used on the Norwegian sector.

Different operators in the UK sector use a mixture of the S-92 and the H175.

The H175 doesn’t have as good de-icing capabilities in comparison to the S-92, so can’t fly as much in the winter. But at least they can actually get spare parts for the H175.

Yes that is a fact that MAY become a major dilemma for the operators and offshore workers in Norway.
Right now Equinor has cancelled all flights to/from their installations until tomorrow 10AM.

Source: Equinor avventer helikoptertransport til fredag klokka 10 – NRK Vestland

Source: Helikopterulykken utenfor Sotra: Tre alvorlige hendelser med samme Sikorsky-modell – NRK Rogaland – Lokale nyheter, TV og radio

On Friday morning, helicopter flights on the Norwegian continental shelf started again. All helicopter traffic offshore has been at a standstill since Wednesday evening, as a result of the helicopter crash outside Sotra on Wednesday evening.

Source: Gjenopptar helikopterflyvninger på norsk sokkel – NRK Rogaland – Lokale nyheter, TV og radio

Status per this morning:

Source: Redningshelikopter på øvelse styrta utanfor Sotra – desse seks var involverte i ulukka – NRK Vestland

NRK Vestland this morning: Helikopterstyrten utenfor Sotra: Helsetilstanden forbedret – NRK Vestland

Update late friday night:
The police confirmed that the wreckage from the helicopter crash outside Sotra, west of Bergen has been found.

The wreckage of the helicopter that crashed outside Sotra on Wednesday has been raised from a depth of 220 metres.

The wreck was found upside down at a depth of over 200 metres, reports the Accident Investigation Board:

The wreck was recovered by Normand Oceaon Saturday:

And secured on deck for transport:

The CSV Normand Ocean transported the wreck to Haakonsvern, which is the Norwegian Navy’s base in Bergen:

The wreck being discharge from CSV Normand Ocean:

The helicopter on the wharf at Haakonsvern Naval Base.

Source: Helikopteret som havarerte utenfor Sotra fraktes nå til Haakonsvern – NRK Vestland

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