The Pointy Hat Boss

So I recently started dating a Coastie and got into a conversation about the new Commandant of the USCG, Admiral Bob Papp. So I ask you…

what are your thoughts on the pointy hat boss?


Is that hat standard CG issue??

(Inquiring minds want to know!)

He’s in Full Dress Whites with ‘swabs’ and Medals in what appear to be a period photograph of USCGC Barque EAGLE and with a someone wearing a USLHS Uniform. I would argue yes, it IS standard issue.

FWIW, in Navy parlance that is a ‘Fore and Aft’ cover.


Is that hat standard CG issue??

(Inquiring minds want to know!)[/QUOTE]

Of course it is:

At least he seems to be enjoying himself.

Sorry, this is a day late and a dollar short (I just registerd fro this site), but ADM Papp is the ‘Gold Ancient Mariner’ - the hat is part of his uniform as the GAM. The oversized shoulder boards and monocular are part of the uniform. the below link has some info on the Gold (officer) and Silver (Enlisted) ancient mariners.

Happy reading!!!

I feel somewhat obligated to answer the question no matter how sarcastic it might have been. :wink: Although in the world of online forums this discussion is dead.

The hat that ADM Papp is wearing belongs to the Coast Guard’s Gold Ancient Mariner (it is standard issue for him until he retires). Basically, the commissioned officer with the earliest permanent Cutterman’s Pin (5 years of sea-time makes it permanent) and at least 10 years of sea-time is ‘crowned’ the Gold Ancient Mariner until he or she retires. The gentlemen with the USLS Hat is a former Silver Ancient Mariner (enlisted version). Read the below link if you have any other questions…

Sail Safe!

My humble opinion, who ever is named the ancient mariner should at least be assigned afloat and not be parked behind a desk with other land lubbers. That goes for gold and silver alike…a mariner goes to sea!