I’m in no way saying this guys a catfish, but one can never be to careful. He says he’s a Merchant Marine but he’s wearing Navy Officers dress…I joined your forum hoping someone can tell me if he’s fir real or has stolen someone’s pic …I can’t figure out how to load his pic and I hope this post is acceptable . Since I can’t upload a pic, I guess my question is do Merchant Marines wear Naval dress uniforms?

This is gonna be good

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But some academy uniforms look a lot like naval uniforms, as do some cruise ship uniforms.

Without more information and a picture there is no way to tell.

Now FTR the term “Merchant Marine” refers to an industry, a saying a person is a Merchant Marine is the same as saying that a person is a commercial airline.

So if this person said they were a merchant marine I would say they are probably not telling the truth.

How about a link?


I don’t know how to send one but he’s in full dress naval uniform, I googled it. This us what it says under his profile pic…Rustyjames Billotti is his FB profile …
USMM MASTER 1600/3000itc-OSV 10,000 Oceans and 2nd unlimited oceans.

Simply cut and paste the link

Also why does this matter to you?

Is this a person you’re planning some type of involvement with?

He apparently was a Captain in the USN. Likely still is a retired one.


It was mainly curiosity. He had friended me and i noticed that he was wearing Navy dress but attached somehow to the Marines. I don’t know a lot about the armed services but I do know that misrepresentation of ones self in military dress while NOT in the military is not a thing to be done. After reading these responses, I’ve decided that he is probably who he says he is. Thank you for responding.

Looks a little young to be a US Navy Captain. My memory of dress uniforms is hazy but that appears to be a SWO pin on his chest but a USMS cover insignia.

My guess is US Naval Reserve Captain.


The Marines, as in the USMC is not the same as the Merchant Marine, the first is a branch of the military, the second is a private industry.

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I remember when my younger brother retired (as CAPT). All the four-stripers sitting in the front row looked like children to me. Was quite a shock.

So would a “Merchant Marine” wear Navy dress? And would he have all those Medals? ( Btw thank you for answering my questions. ) I’ve just reread his messages to me, he says he’s Currently Acting US Merchant marine with Navy MSC

Merchant MARINER for Christ’s sakes!


No, Naval personnel wear navy uniforms, but he could be ex-navy

I have no idea what “Acting US Merchant marine” even means, he’s either holds a Master’s license, and sails on it, or he doesn’t.

Also it’s Merchant Mariner.

Saying a person is a merchant marine is the same as saying a person is a commercial airline, or a construction company!


He wouldn’t wear it to work on his ship because that’s a civilian job. He would wear it at a Navy Ball or other military function, or if he is on active duty as a Reserve officer, or on some holidays.

The military has gotten ribbon-happy – that’s a perfectly normal amount of “fruit salad” for an O6 (Captain in the navy, full Colonel in the other services).

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Here’s my retired younger brother with wife and son.

Yankee spotted it. His cover is that of a US Merchant Marine officer, but he is wearing a USN dress uniform. Why would they be mismatched?


Took the wrong one out of the closet?