Maybe a stupid question, but please help

My dad was a US Merchant Marine for nearly 50 years, and he passed 3 months ago. I kept his hat that says “US Merchant Marines” and has the laurel leaves on the brim. I am not a Merchant Marine, so would it be disrespectful if I wore his hat in public? I’d like to wear it to honor my dad and all Mariners out there, but I wasn’t sure if that is against any rules, since I did not serve. What do you guys think? Thanks.

There is no official uniform for the US Merchant Marine so it should not be considered disrespectful in my personal opinion. If anything it will probably start a conversation with someone at a store checkout line and your answer that it was your fathers would only mean that you were showing respect.


Damn Yankee took took the words out of my mouth. Absolutely wear it to honor your Dad. Sorry about your loss.