The Latest NMC Self-congratulatory PR attempt

Mariner Licensing and Documentation Program Performance Update for

December of 2008

[<wbr></wbr>MLD_Program_Performance_<wbr></wbr>December_2008%20.pdf](" target="_blank)
They do, however, own up to creating a bottleneck by implementing the new medical standards without increasing staff. A “proposal” has been sent in for an increase in medically qualified staff. One wonders, in this day and age of trillion dollar federal deficits, what will happen should this “proposal” be denied. The term “unfunded mandate” comes to mind…

Note the image for “Merchant Mariner Credential” on page 6. The new credential to be a passport like document?

Yah you betcha.

Good Stuff C_A !!!
The new credential will look a lot like the UK credential. A lot easier to carry around, and lot harder to forge. The last word I heard was that you will still be able to purchase a “paper” license to hang on the wall for all of you with an “I love me” wall/room/part of the house/building.
I’m eager to see what the Electronic Application site will look like, and how well it works.

Nice that they at least owned up to the medical issues. However if by their own admission medical is holding things up an average of 89 days there is no way they are going to get processing time down. And unless things have changed radically in the government, adding billets is a time consuming process and will definitely not provide a quick fix although is obviously needed for the long term.

I know that new regulations always come about after casualties, but it should not be rocket science to have forseen that this needed additional manpower BEFORE it was implemented, not after.

Well certainly not all “Self-congratulatory” PR attempts are bad:

(you guys have terrible timing :wink:

Great and well deserved recognition both for Mr. Cavo and gCaptain!

Jim, my congratulations on your commendation from Thad Allen, and for your achievement aboard the forum. You know from our past conversations how I feel about your input here, and it’s nice to see that it has not gone unnoticed here, and within the corp of the U.S. Coast Guard; especially from a Commandant of the caliber of Thad Allen.

Bravo Zulu !!

John, it looks as if gCaptain has finally come into it’s own within the industry !! Keep on keeping on, and we certainly appreciate the efforts you’ve shown us all. Not bad for a Throgs Neck guy ! :cool:

Well done !!!