That Was Fast!

I applied for my OS-MMD last week 3/9 and it was sent out to me yesterday 3/16. I thought I was gonna be waiting for months. I’m assuming its quicker for an OS credential though since they don’t have to go over too many documents. But, I was a little nervous because I have a couple blemishes on my background. Will they look more closely at arrests when I go for upgrades on my MMD? Or I am good to go?

You should be good to go. If there were any problems they would have been brought up now. Just make sure to always put these blemishes on your application every time you apply for a document or credential. I think it is ridiculous to have to do it each time. Once should be enough, but you have to do it every time. The main thing with the Coast Guard is they want you to be up front with them about arrests or convictions. They will find out anyway. They might as well hear your side first. They used to only do back ground checks on a small percentage of applications. Now they do every one of them. With the exception of the ones that have a valid background check on file with in a certain time frame.