Has anyone applied for and received a Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD) Endorsement from the CG? If so how long was the turn around on it once you applied. I just got word that I needed it and I got everything emailed in but I would have liked more notice. Looks like we are supposed to have it by the 1st of January…


Yes. 3 1/2 weeks. Emailed to Baltimore.

One week, before the govt shutdown though. Emailed to New Orleans.

Few weeks through Boston, but make sure your paperwork is flawless!

Applied for it with a license upgrade a couple weeks before the govt shutdown so in total about 6 weeks. Should be a lot quicker with the govt up and running (hahaha, yeah right).

Thanks, I sent mine in through Charleston, SC. Hopefully mine only takes a couple of weeks but with the holidays I’m not all that hopeful. The paperwork should be all good though.

Emailed mine to New Orleans before the shut down and even though I received a conformation email, when i called to check on it, they said they didn’t have it. I resubmitted it just after the shut down and received it just a few days ago,

Got mine in 2 weeks flat. Emailed it on the boat and when I got home 2 weeks later is was waiting for me. Went threw NYC.

Sent mine in a few weeks ago. They asked for more information. My fault for not getting the security crap written on the sea time letter. Faxed it in on Monday. Got an email on Friday saying I got mine very quick turn around.

Don’t send anything into New Orleans. They’re still processing stuff from the shutdown, and they’re so backed up that they are sending some applications to other RECs.

Don’t forget the next budget deadline is Jan 15. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another shutdown, or at the very least, an 11th hour “near-miss.”

Hey gang,.

The online certificate from Marsec, inc that we discussed in this thread is approved- found it on the Coast Guard website.

I’m sending mine in along with some other STCW stuff I’ve just done so, if you go this route you should be good to go.