Background checks and horror stories

So I don’t have a criminal background(other than tickets) but I was arrested a few times as a juvenile. I did get an MMD card about a year ago without any problems but now I’m wondering if I apply for a license in a few years is my background still OK? I’m worried that after spending so much time and money on school that there is a chance I could get denied. Have there been horror stories of academy graduates being denied by the coust gaurd etc…?

I’m not a lawyer, or an expert on this subject, but I’ve got my own past issues that the Coast Guard has to be told about every five frickin’ years so I understand your concerns.<br><br>I’ve heard that in most cases, juvenile records are sealed, but you’d be wise to be up front about your arrests.Were you ever convicted of anything, especially a drug related felony? Those are usually the
most difficult to overcome. Your best bet is to detail your past
truthfully. Hopefully you did just that when you applied for your MMD. You’ll have to explain why if you didn’t. The worst thing you can do is to lie on an application. Make a complete list of the events in your checkered past to submit with your application, and keep a copy you can submit with your packet every time you make an application to the Coast Guard and this way you’ll be consistent every time.<br><br>Cap’n A

I didn’t mention any arrests on my MMD application. I never had a felony and everything I was arrested for was a differed judgment or something along those lines. I went to county records in my hometown and got a background check and it was all clear. My thinking was that if there isn’t anything on my record why should I open up a can of worms by listing things on my MMD application? Now it sounds like I made a mistake. Is there a coast gaurd contact for these things?<br><br>My father was recently interrigated at a US/Canada border over a drug charge from the 70’s! you just can’t live these things down.

Why should you open a can or worms? <br>Cuz they want to see if yer up front about it.<br><br>Once upon a time I had two DUIs AND a Driving License Suspended<br>I was one sweaty mofo when it came time to apply.<br><br>They (USCG) discovered everything <span style="text-decoration: underline;]<strong>I said </strong></span>they’d discover. Case closed.<br><br>I’m pretty convinced that as long as the crime wasn’t TOO heinous and you did the time and was up front about it that they wouldn’t care. <br>I think they’re looking for the knuckleheads who’re trying to put one over.<br><br>Just MHO.<br><br>John sends from NorVA<br>

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<p style="margin-bottom: 0in;]Can of worms? <br>Well, I hastily
submitted my application along with a class of 50. I had no time to
ask questions let alone gather information on my checkered childhood
past. I wasn’t even fully aware of what an MMD card was at that time.
All I knew was that I was hired to be a waiter on a cruise ship in
Hawaii and the next thing I know I’m at a union hall in Piney Point,
Maryland signing my life away. <br><br>Needless to say I took an
interest in the industry and now I’m enrolled in an academy. Now I’m
having nightmares about being castrated by the coast guard for
omitting information.

Ajax,<br><br>I had the same hesitation when I first got an MMD. I also made some poor choices in adolescence. I remember the judge saying that the records would be sealed at age 18. I did not admit to any arrests at the time, and am on the fourth issuance of my license and so far no trouble. I also recently emigrated to Canada. They required extensive background checks, nothing came up.<br><br>I sympathize with honesty as the best policy, and perhaps they would look at the details and dismiss them as juvenile records, but who knows? My experience is of numerous background checks without incident. I thought that if something ever came up I could relay what the judge told me. Probably best to let sleeping dogs lie. Most important though is to keep your story straight and consistent.<br><br>Hope that helps