Background/criminal record for mmc application

I have a question about my criminal record in regards to my mmc application. I have two reckless driving convictions from when i was a teenager. One being 25 years ago (when I was 16)and the another 23 years ago (age 18). My question is what if I can’t access those old records .I live on the other side of the country from where they happened .I’ve had a family member who is a police officer there look up my criminal record and it showed nothing in the federal database . How far back does the coast guard look for these applications? I plan on disclosing them but I’m worried if I don’t have the accurate information I will be denied or delayed . Will I have to wait a long time to receive my mmc because of these old convictions? Thanks for any help

Rule #1. Disclose them. Fill-out CG Form 719C to the best of your ability. If you cannot get the exact date, at least give a quick narrative about that in part “g” as there is latitude to explain. Being several decades old, I doubt this is an issue as you are well outside of the max assessment period.


Give your best estimate of the dates, location, and circumstances and note you are uncertain of the specifics. They won’t view it negatively that the details are off. They will if you don’t disclose at all.

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