Thanks button

Hello, is there a limit as to how much you can “Thank” someone? I have used it 10 times, but I can’t see the button or text to “Thank” someone today.

Thanks for the time

Yes, there is a limit to how thankful one can be.

I’d like to see a ‘finger’ button or a ‘STFU’ button. Earn too much of a negative rate and posting privileges are curtailed or suspended. This could help increase professional behavior on these forums vice rabid foaming at the mouth by some.

Heh, me too, though it seems the board did that automatically to one long time poster in particular already not long ago. Was much quieter for a while.

I’m on a different forum that implemented a sarcasm font (revere italics) button to help folks add context to their posts, sometimes I wonder if it would be useful here too.

Correct. There is a reputation system within the system based on user group settings.

Level 0 - Unregistered or logged-out users
Can’t participate

Level 1- Registered Users
Next to the thanks button is a triangle… click that and it sends us a note and docks the reputation of the poster.

Level 2 - Administrators
Administrators have a lightnighbolt setting. When reading a thread we can add or subtract points based on the quality of the post.

We also have a spam filter that adjusts the users rating based on the number of low quality or argumentative threads.

Here is a screen shot of the reputation buttons: