Testing with pre 2014 material or after 2014 for Chief Limited

I’m approved to test for chief limited, been studying for a couple weeks.
Then, it occured to me. Am I testing under the old rules or new rules?
I didn’t specify to my evaluator which way to go with this, so am I testing with the new rules by default or since my seatime started before 2014 is it the old ones by default?
No letter Q before the modules listed in my approval letter so I’ll be calling next week to see which way it is. Anyone else been thru a similar situation ?

I took the chief limited oceans many years ago, it was easy, DDE unlimited was harder, last year I took the 1st A/E test, the new modules, it was pretty easy, it is the same test as chief limited only more modules. They were the Q modules, either way, the chief test is a piece of cake. The approval letter stated Q modules