Old Exam Or New Exam

I been doing my sea time since 2008 when i was 18 years old as a Q-Med. Now 28 I started studying for my National 3rd Engineer. I qualify to take the old exam but I know I can also do the new exam. Which one is better or even easier to take the old or the new exam? Any suggestions, Thanks

I don’t think there’s a huge difference, atleast on the deck side but I was under the impression that they were getting rid of the old exams in February or March? Maybe @jdcavo has some insight for you on this.

You will not be able to be approved for the old exams if you apply after March 24, 2019. But you would still get the normal period to complete the testing.

Also, you cannot use the old exams if at least some of your service used to qualify for the exam was before March 24, 2014.

Roger that thank you for that information @ItsJody & @jdcavo. I will just go for the new exam

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Im currently approved to test for chief limited. Not paying attention i didn’t realize i had purchased study material for the new exams and i found out im approved for the old exams. I certainly found a big difference between new and old. A lot more leadership and administration questions to name a couple.
Whether or not this applies to all the engine material, not sure.

I took the new exam for the 1st A/E, same exam for the Chief limited only two general modules, it was pretty easy, did all 5 modules in a little over three hours.