Chief Mate / Master Test Prep

Quick question guys. I’m getting ready to start studying for the chief mate / Master AGT test and trying to see which question bank to study. My sea service started prior to March 2014.

My question is, do I sit for the older model of the test or have to sit for the new one? Couldn’t find anything to see if that was still in affect or has been phased out.

Thanks in advance!

What does it say on your letter from the coast guard?

Finishing up the classes and haven’t sent in yet. Just trying to get a jump start so as soon as I get the letter I’ll be ready to tesr

Grandfathering for national endorsements (licenses) is available until March 24, 2019. If you want the old exams you have to ask for them, the default if you don’t ask is the new. (STCW grandfathering expired January 1, 2017)

To be eligible, you have to have started the sea time for Chief Mate before March 24, 2019. It doesn’t mean when you started your career. If you didn’t hold 2nd Mate on March 23, 2014, you aren’t eligible for grandfathering.

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