Chief limited / 1st unlimited Testing Requirements?: Perhaps MR jdcavo

I have heard many recently upgraded 1st Engineers state they received their “Chief Limited Oceans” at the same time as their 1st engineer unlimited. Also many stated they did not even specifically state chief limited oceans on their Application, but when the MMC came it was just endorsed (I am never that lucky)… I dont want to assume anything.My question is how can one that’s already approved and evaluated (Just need to test) for First Engineer Unlimited best make sure that Chief Limited will put on His/ Her license?

It looks like I maybe have two options.
1.) Wait till my 1st engineer unlimited is issued, if it’s not there send in a new app for it. I clearly meet all the requirements of the check list for Chief Limited However…
Question: Do recently passed examinations modules for First Engineer Unlimited currently count for Chief Limited on a new Application? (This simple question was also unable to be answered by NMC help desk, or exam guide. Note: my modules are below)

2.) Amend my application to specifically ask for Chief Limited. But as my app went in before 2017. Would amending App create a situation where my application would be reassessed under the new guidelines (post 2017) for the STCW credential’s applied for on original app (pre 2017)? (NMC Help desk was unable to answer this either, though admittedly a harder question)

I am currently approved to Test for My First Unlimited with the following Modules.
First Assistant Engineer Steam and Motor Unlimited HP
516 Motor Plants

I am testing 14-18th of this month. Don’t want to throw a wrench in the works for current Unlimited App just to get Chief Limited, but also don’t want to unnecessarily go back to test as I live nowhere near a REC.

Maybe MR Calvo Can help point me to a document stating the rules. Or what policy is. Otherwise what are others experiences?

Option 2 is best.

You should be good for the exam for Chief Limited if it’s done on the same application as 1st AE. The First AE exam is also the test for Chief Unlimited, so it’s pretty obvious it will meet the exam for Chief Limited.

With a few exceptions, if an exam is required you have to take the exam as part of the application process, so previous exams generally won’t count. So you need to make sure Chief-Limited and 1st AE are part of the same application. If your application didn’t specifically say you also wanted Chief-Limited, contact the NMC as soon as you can, and before you take the exam, and say you want to add Chief-Limited to the application. It’s probably better to do it by e-mail so both you and NMC have a written record. Consider asking them to confirm that additional exams won’t be needed. Follow up with a call if you don’t get a response in a few days, you want to get this resolved before you start to test.

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Thank you. I did write and ask for amending / adding chief limited to app… However didn’t get much traction though.
Long story short I took my exams and now am a licensed 1st engineer steam and motors.
The long story is evaluator phoned and said I need to apply for limited chief separate due to it being a 2016 app before new requirements so it could not be amended in 2017. Wanted to get my first engineer asap, and not throw wrench in works so I took my exams. My evaluator did say I may not have to test when I put in app for limited chief… I’ll keep you updated. I appreciate the effort you give to try to explain this all here.