Unlimited 2nd Assistant Engineer = Chief Engineer Limited Oceans

Is it true that if you already hold a 2 AE unlimited license that you can add a Chief Limited Ocean? I have heard of a couple guys doing that, but I when I try, I am being told I have to take additional testing?

According to the Marine Safety Manual, you can get Chief Limited at the same time as 2AE without further testing. Did the Coast Guard tell you that you need further testing or someone else?

Told me. When I told her I wanted to add it on when I was getting my first license. She said I have to test for it.

I am curious about this too. I asked for the limited chief endorsement when I applied for 2 a/e and was denied (well actually they asked to see an additional 1400 days of seatime, despite the fact that I already had a 3rd a/e license.) Anyways upon reviewing the Marine Safety manual I found this:

page 12-5
"Credit For Academy Graduates: Limited Chief Engineer.
When academy graduates, who are qualified as third assistant engineer under 46 CFR 10.516(a)(3), apply for licenses as chief engineer (limited - oceans), chief engineer (limited - near coastal), or chief engineer of uninspected fishing industry vessels (UFIVs), they may be allowed three years sea service credit for their academy training, when they have acquired one year of sea service as a licensed engineer. Two years of the credit may be considered, for evaluation purposes only, as QMED service. None of it shall be considered service as a licensed engineer."

So despite the fact that I already have a third (which I got from a combination of an engineering degree and navy time) it’s not the same as getting a third from an Academy. And because I didn’t get my license through the traditional hawsepipe I lack the sea time to get the limited chief’s endorsement. Ironically at this point it will take me less time to get my Unlimited Chief’s license. Ok so slight thread jack but if maybe Mr Cavo could weigh in on this it would ease my frustration.

Now back to the original question: Do you have to test?
The chart in the Marine safety manual on page 12-3 indicates that the test for 2 a/e does cover Limited Chief Oceans, however since about 2007 all new 3a/e applicants took a test that covered 3 a/e and 2 a/e. It would appear that the chart doesn’t necessarily reflect this new testing reality. And to the bureaucratic eye it would appear that according to the chart you only tested at the 3 a/e level despite the fact that you actually tested at the 2 a/e level. This is all speculation but you shouldn’t have to test but I can kinda see why they are telling you that you do have to test. I hope this helps because my fingers are tired.

I don’t need the endorsement, but I figured I would add it on if it was entitled to me with my unlimited 2ae. When they sent a letter stating I had to take 7 test, I called and found out about the extra 2 test. So I had to request that they removed that from my app so I could take the 5 test to get the 1ae motor. I am uner the new plan where I took a test to get my 3ae, then showed the sea time to get the 2 ae without any testing. Anyone who got their license after 2002 is under this plan. Maybe that is why they are requesting another more testing. However I know guys that got their license after me and were still able to add the endorsement. So who knows.