Test Prep Classes. , Worth the expense?

I am new here to the forum and have been reading through some of the post, if this has been covered I have not found it. I am in the process of preparing for my next upgrade to Chief Limited Oceans. I have been engineering for the last 10 years, but to be honest I have been dragging my feet on this. The part that concerns me is the electronics portion. I have never used a test prep course before, only the study disc and books from various places. I am considering a test prep school for this step, just to insure I am prepared, my hope is to spend 3 intensive weeks then test and have it over and done with.
Here is my question. How good are these classes. I mean I can sit in front of a computer and take practice test at home for free? I am looking at MPT in Fort Lauderdale. I would appreciate any opinions or preferable first hand experience with their course. I would also be interested in any others you may recommend. Tuition being about $2000.00 and housing another $1500.00 this is not cheap, but if I can spend 3 weeks and get my upgrade I would be satisfied with the expense, if there is some, one on one tutoring, if you will, on the electronics or portions of the info. I feel I am week in.

Thanks in advance for your replies

All a course like that will do is make you memorize the test. It will teach you basically nothing. For 200 bucks you can buy a set of books and get the same thing sting in your living room, and save a couple grand. If you want to learn the theory there have been several threads on here discussing various books and learning material. You will be way better off learning the theory behind the problems than just memorizing a bunch of answers. IMHO