Terror in Nice France

Thinking of France today - wishing the injured a quick recovery - the families of those who died please know we share the sorrow and despair you are feeling.


I’m not sure that anything can shock me anymore. I know one thing- if I were a young woman today, I’d reconsider bringing children into the world.

Times seem tough, but let history be your guide. At the beginning of the last century 38 million people died in completely senseless war. Another 70 million, or thereabouts, died in the pandemic following the war. In the middle of the last century another 60 million died in a war that the sequel to the first one. From the end of that war until very nearly the end of the last century much of humankind went to bed wondering if it would ever wake up. Imminent and total nuclear holocaust was, ironically, a fact of Life. At any time in the 20th century people could have reasonably abandoned hope, with far more pretext than we living today. But they didn’t. Leaving us here today to debate whether we should emulate their courage.

My daughter-in-law’s family were in close proximity as this went down. The front of the building they were staying in was heavily damaged