Tentative offer from noaa

So I have a tentative offer from noaa. My question is the offer says I may need to do eqip? I know that’s for security clearance but what determines I would need to do eqip? I plan to be fully honest so it’s not a problem but I’m just wondering why the offer said may need to ?

equips are used for any kind of work that involves having some level of security clearance so that would likely mean some vessels require all personnel to obtain a certain level of security clearance due to the nature of the work the vessel is engaged in.

What are the specific words they use? I know I’ve gone through some training because of going to foreign countries but I don’t have any special security clearance.

I’ve never sought a job that requires a security clearance.

Some of my friends and relatives were put through a lot of nonsense for many months to get and renew security clearances. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories.

You know what I’m at work I’ll answer exactly later on after work I get off at 1030 .

Hey got a break here’s what I got
2) Security Clearance/Background Investigation
All Federal employees are required to complete a background investigation. Once we review and approve your completed OF-306, we will begin the security clearance/background investigation process in conjunction with the security office. This position is designated as Low Risk and it may require you to complete an electronic e-QIP investigation, if you do not already meet the security clearance/background investigation requirements.

That sounds like a routine background check.

It does not sound like applying for a “secret” security clearance.

Ok thanks for clarifying

I spoke to someone in the office and asked your questions, because I couldn’t remember it being called e-QIP. Basically it’s a simple background check, just make sure you follow all the instructions. If anything is confusing to them or incorrect (like say an overlap of living at two different addresses at the same time), they’ll send it back and you’ll have to spend time clarifying. I was told right now between medical, e-QIP, and orientation if you’re on top of everything and respond quickly the whole process should take 6-8 weeks (sounds about right). Just keep plugging away and there will be work for you as soon as you’re ready.

Ok thanks so much for looking into it for me.