NOAA employment

Does any one know what the current hiring process for NOAA is like? I have my QMED and was interested in the Oiler job opening they have posted. Also i’ve been reading the posts on here about NOAA’s schedule and was wondering what the current situation is like and if trying to take leave is still an issue. Would it be possible to work my way to a 3/E with them

Right now, I would look at MSC first. However, there is a lot already posted here about NOAA, just use the search function. If you go with NOAA intially it’s likely you will end up with a horsepower limit.

Thank you for the reply. I’m going to apply for NOAA, and see what happens. I have a background in commercial fishing, so hopefully I can get on one of the fishing ships.

If you are applying as an oiler, you won’t do a lot of fishing. They hire AB/fishermen for that. You will work in the engine room.