NOAA AB jobs?

Does anyone know why NOAA seems to always have AB jobs listed, is there high turnover and if so why?

Yes, because you don’t get much time at home.

I had a buddy that sailed with them for a year and just like DeckApe said was gone for long stretches, and the pay was also crappy. I think it was like $200/day for an AB. But then again this was around 3 years ago, so who knows what the rate is now.

I spoke with several people at NOAA today as I’ve applied for a position as Fisherman, I was told that there may or may not actually be an opening, they just like to keep a number of applicants on the string in case they need someone. Also I asked about " mixed tour", if this represented a real full time job and got the same non-specific answer. They couldn’t tell if they were going to hire or not due to budgetary issues. I’m not sure if I should put much hope in NOAA especially when it’s only a 40k dollar a year job with no apparent guarantee of overtime, I’ve been a commercial fisherman for over 35 yrs. and have a 1600gt masters license and finding a job is starting to look a little sketchy.