Anyone here work for NOAA as a wage mariner?

I am signing on with NOAA as a wage mariner (AB Fisherman) and would like to find out what to expect working for NOAA. Please reply with you can elaborate.

What have you heard about the job so far? I am interested in this.

Well, I have heard very little, hence my original question. I have no idea what to expect.

I’ve looked the job up on usajobs via the NOAA website. What I got out of the info was you will be pretty much an ab Deckhand. They say the pay is determined on the ship and the home port. Not to sure about what that means. Guess it’s just the luck of the draw. Did not say much about the fishing side of it, mainly just Vsl upkeep.

The pay will depends on what other mariners in that home port recieve. The Corps of Engineers. Has marine employee thru out the United States each district has a different pay scale. The higest wage scale being the west coast. Noaa should have a complete job discripition for each job aboard ther ships.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well I think he just wants to know what he is getting himself into before he signs on

Had a friend worked NOAA out of Woods Hole.
8 - 5, M - F. Vessel maintenance (just hanging out).
They only did 3 or 4 week long cruises a year.
This was quite awhile ago.

Worked as Lead Fisherman '85, Miller Freeman, West Coast, Pollock, water foul and seal surveys Shielikoff Straits and Bering Sea. 6 month deployments with in-ports Kodiak. Only way to make money was overtime.

Thanks Rover Sea, I swear in at Norfolk on Monday they assigned me to Pascagoula for my duty station.

Do they make you swear in?

They have a week long new hire orientation in Norfolk. I am told they explain benefits, travel procedures, ect. Beyond that I am not quite sure what will occupy 5 days.

If it’s not a secret or something could you please post what you had to swear here…just curious.

Monday has not yet arrived, meaning I have not yet sworn in…I wouldn’t get all pshyched out about it, I am sure it is simply a formality.

Found this link which gives pay scales for 2009…

Hey 727, Can you let us hear what you find out about the rotation thats common at NOAA? I’ve heard its alomst as hard to get home time as with MSC. Maybe you can get the real scoop

Found this which is actually from NOAA claiming that cruises are 1-5 weeks at a time and they are at sea an average of 215 days per year

forgot to add the link…,16,Assignment information

You might have to cut/paste because it only highlighted most due to a space between words which I’ve never seen on an address?? Weird…

The amount of home time depends on the ship that you are assigned to. Many of the east coast ships are only out for two weeks at a time and when back in port you have weekends off or can take leave if you have the time accrued. My ship sails about 275 days per year so my home time is limited, however I chose it this way in order to build my sea time in the tonnage I need for oceans endorsements. My ship is in port about 100 days per year give or take.

Overtime is plentiful if your on a ship that spends a bunch of time at sea. Unlike MSC there are no missions that last over 45 days at one time as the vessels cannot provision for that long in most cases.

The above applies if your a full timer, if in the augmentation pool your hitches generally run 30-45 days at a time and you choose how often you want to work as there is no minimum required time to work each year. Everyone qualifies for Federal Medical and Dental Insurance and also qualifies for the Federal Retirement system.

Anyone know anything about “mixed tour” work schedule at NOAA?

Ahh the mixed tour agreement. Basically it means they have the right to place you on non pay status at any time the fleet doesn’t need you. Back in the day I am told they had to pay you even when your not needed. Any new hires in the last year or so has to sign one.