Tankerman dangerous liguids course

I asked this question before but can not find the thread. I need to get a tankermans assist endorsement. What school offers this course the cheapest. I have done some searching. Just wanted to know if any one else has some other recommendations. All the schools I am looking at are all around $1000 for the dangerous cargo liquid course.

Go here http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/courses/default.asp?tab=0#TabbedPanels1, click “Search by Course” and and a window will pop up to look up the class. Then it will present a list of approved schools, with address and phone numbers. Start calling and ask what they charge, and if they have deals with local lodging. Don’t forget to factor in cost of travel etc., if you want lowest cost.

The CG has ALL approved schools and classes listed for all subjects. Everyone should have the NMC website bookmarked, and thoroughly looked over.

Fletcher in Houma, LA: $408.00, 4-5 days.