Tagos ship?

All of the SWATH hull TAGOS ships (Effective, Victorious, Able, Loyal, Impeccable) are all unlimited horsepower. The pay is still horrible. On the deck side it is very easy work and good crews and people on all the ships. The engineers are usually working very hard on there and deal with a lot of annoying issues as well as plenty of major ones unfortunately. It is a good experience especially if you need upgrade time and want to advance assuming you can handle the low pay. hope this helps.

Thanks sparky13. I found the payscale yesterday and it is low. Do you know how much OT they let you work?

[QUOTE=Wrench;113878]USNS Victorious / USNS Impeccable[/QUOTE]

The IMPECCABLE is over 4000 HP, I’m not sure on the Victorious, our database shows it as only 1600 which seems too low. It is a few years older than the Victorious, and might be one of the earlier ones that were under 4,000.

Thanks Mr Cavo.

Wrench when I was on the Able in '99, 3/M pay was $80 per day. OT was $15.99. Weekend watch pay was $9.99. That 1/M only allowed me 12 hours OT per week plus 1/2 hour every other day for chow relief.

I wanted to Thank gCaptain forum for info on this. You were spot on the mark. They came in with an extreme low-ball offer last week. I would have to be insane to have accepted

Anything to do with govt is going to be tight on OT right now, so you probably made the right choice if pay is important to you.