AMO Jobs - Thinking about transitioning to AMO from private comapny

I have my second mate oceans unlimited tonnage license. I currently work for a private company, but am thinking of transitioning to AMO or MMP. I like the option that I do not have to sit in a hall that AMO provides, but am curious to how long the wait has been recently for an assignment and the consistency of getting an assignment moving forward?

It all depends on endorsements i.e pic, MSC courses, DP (not many jobs)…

I don’t know what your making now but most jobs starting out with the amo is sweet hart contracts. Figure on 6 grand a month. They’ll only offer you TAGOS or Tag ships that pay nothing and forget about a pension. Not that I’m bitter about the pension.

I heard all (or at least most of) those sweetheart contracts were rewritten. Supposedly the TAGOS ships pay full standard wages now.

TAGOS recently got about a 40% increase.

Wow… Just wow

Yup. An entry level wiper in the MFOW can make that.

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Damn man. That’s late 90’s American Heavy Lift wage scale. That can’t be right

Lowest I ever made in MMP was 13k on the Gulf Coast coal ships.

6k? Save me Jeebus!

40% of a sweet hart contract is still a sweet hart contract

The Second Mates pay on a T-AGOS with Vacation is $20,385.62.

how long is the wait once your application is submitted until you land a gig? i know there are many variables , but how long can one usually expect to wait before landing a gig?

How recent are those numbers?

Since last January!

$20,000 per month?

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That’s correct. $20K + for the 2/M and $31K + for the Master! If you don’t believe make some calls…

Since I do not know the specifics of the contract you are referring to what is the vacation accrual? Is it 30 for 30, 15 for 30 or somewhere in between? The figure you mention includes vacation. My son works aboard a TAGS as a QMED. Yes, the pay got better everyone after the last contract for them but the vacation is not much. This makes a difference when you work 4 months on, 4 months off.


The figures he quoted includes vacation pay. You realize that but maybe you don’t know what that means?

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Yes, I know very well the figures he gave included vacation. I specifically said that in my post. I was asking @JoeG what the vacation accrual was. Since you cared to reply, do you know?

When I mentioned my son’s situation, I know what he makes when he is working which is all fine and dandy but the vacation check he gets once home is crap in comparison. Unless some wise saving is done while working that 4 months off can start to get touch and go even with unemployment towards the end of his time off.

I worked day for day. My vacation pay equaled one day’s base for each day worked. This was the contractual norm where I worked. The Assistant engineers got 25 for 30. The SIU unlicensed got 13 to 15 for 30 (don’t remember the exact number).

I am also quite aware that many in our industry only get paid when they work, nothing when off (vacation = $0)


Good luck getting in with Amo. The dispatchers don’t respond to emails or phone calls. Been trying to join for going on almost 2 years, with a first job to get in the door.

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