Swine Flu and cargo/cruise Ships

I’ve been seeing this questions passed around on Twitter and no one seems to have any answers to it. Does anyone here know anything to help answer them?

Will swine flu cause cruise ships to be quarantined? What about cargo ships? Many major ports are stepping up customs inspections.

I’m not sure- I know that when I worked for Norwegian Cruise Line we had different codes-

Oscar- man(woman) overboard


the dreaded Code Brown:(

We had training sanitation/USPH training at Piney point to prevent Norwalk virus. If someone got sick- the ship went into semi quarantine.

Anyone with symptoms (and their cabin mates) were restricted to quarters and all the crew was expected to sanitize the whole ship every few hours.

I never had this happen on my rotation- but I’m told it happened on the Aloha and the America.

I went on a cruise April 27th. It docked out of New Orleans and we were supposed togo to Mexico (Progresso and Cazumel). Well in the middle of the gulf we made a turn and went to Key West for 8 hrs…they refunded everyone $20.00…but never quarantined us…IT SUCKED!!!