Australian police take 'black box' off cruise ship in coronavirus homicide probe

What exactly do they think they’ll find on the VDR? I mean, I don’t randomly hit the save button on the bridge, but who knows.

I think that would be better served seizing the ship’s surgeons computer records. I would think he has more on his mind than the hottie on deck 14 or where his next bottle of blue sapphire is.
The big question is did someone omit something from the notice of arrival message which has a section requesting free medical pratique.
Hardly the sort of thing that would have been discussed on the bridge of a cruise ship and the message has to be sent 72 hours at least before arrival .
From what we know here a crew member joined in Dunedin from Northern Italy and he was probably in food service so he was well placed to pass the virus on.

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Meanwhile, in Miami, the charade continues. Having dumped their passengers, the cruise ship moochers are now dumping their sick crews with impunity. Five crew members with COVID-19 symptoms have been medically evacuated from the Oasis of the Seas in the last week

whats the USA law on a medivac of foreign crew to the USA?

There is a reason those inhumane parasites have swarmed American ports … they know the crews will receive humane treatment at little or no expense to the owners.

Don’t confuse this with a genuine case of mariners in distress. This is a manufactured situation created by the cruise lines. After contributing to the spread of Covid-19 by lying to the public, they parked their ships on US territory to avoid the expense of fixing the mess they created. They continue to avoid responsibility for their criminal behavior while abusing American generosity and letting the American taxpayer pick up the tab.

Kudos to the Australians for standing up to these bloodsucking leeches.