How Proactive Is Your Office & Vessel Concerning The Coronavirus?

On another thread I read a frequent participant of the gCaptain forum complain about her shipmates not covering their mouths when they cough & crewmembers (including stewards) pawing in a common snack bowl. It made me wonder if other ships crews & office personnel are as paranoid of the coronavirus as mine? We have hand sanitizer everywhere, held a few safety meetings about not spreading germs & received fliers from about every health organization on the planet. All my shipmates seem to be proactive & following the guidelines. Is it only my ship, client & office harping on this stuff or is the mariner complaining about her nasty coworkers the exception?

Why don’t you just mention my username? Anyway, most folks here have been considerate, and reasonably clean, however, there are the exceptions (as noted) and perhaps it irks me a bit more than it would irk the average person. Does that help?

Would it also help to mention that we are government employees?

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(Some of ya will know where this came from)


Not really. What I’m curious about, are the meetings & bi-daily emails from my employer & client concerning the coronavirus common throughout the maritime industry or am I working for some super cautious people? We have some new crew & passengers coming aboard soon & the rumor mill is they will be questioned by the medic & have their temperatures taken. I guess if the new-comers don’t meet some criteria or guidelines they won’t be able to embark?

It sounds like you are working with some nasty assholes. The idea that we could be quarantine has everyone on my ship inline with hygiene & common decency as far as I can tell. If we wanted to be forced to stay on a boat against our wills we would go work for Bouchard or something.

Corona virus or not, I have sailed with a few that have had some, well, less than sanitary habits. . . .