Surviving the coming Depression

There’s an understandable overlap of ‘prepper’ types and mariners, mostly out of necessity and prudence. You guys got gardens? Guns? A gin still?

Be the grey man. OPSEC…


Who’s asking and what for? I don’t want to see you snooping around my land Mr. Buuht. You hear me?


You lookin’ fer anything in perticuler? The gun stores is closed but I been waitin’ for this. Got me plenty of guns and ammo for sale. Colt 1911s, AR-15s ,$6,000 - Bullets, all calibers, $27 a piece - Used N-95 masks $300 - my mama tiger just gave birth to a litter. Adorable little critters, $5500 a piece.
I’m a honest bizness man jes’ tryin’ to make a honest buck. A man has to take care of hisself and his family, ya feel me? No checks, cash only. Come around back.


That’s where the best pizza in Oklahoma is, right?

Beer, Gas & Guns, pizza by the slice, hearth baked.

Trade oil futures. Know a few Russian friends in the Oil and Gas industry.

Move to a mountain, named after your family, in Virginia with your extended family support yourself by operating a sawmill, your oldest son will someday write Twilight Zone episodes, then create a hit TV series about you.

Or just keep sailing

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Moody’s Financial Analysis is a highly respected information outlet. They have published an outlook for which of the States in the USA that may suffer the most financially from this Corona Virus

Coronavirus will likely hit these states hardest financially, according to Moody’s

Likely there will be a serious recession worldwide but not a depression. The US Fed and Congress are throwing trillions at the bankers and rich folks so they will be OK, not so much the small business owners and working folks. The secrecy built into the handouts to the connected is egregious and neither political party seems to want to do anything about proper oversight and accountability. Surprised? Nah, just like 2008-09 only this time it will be worse.

Only time will tell we can only throw so much money at this eventually we will run out of ink and paper then we will see what happens.

True. Unless people work and buy things there is no economy. The Fed decided recently to buy junk rated bonds to prop up the economy. Trillions of dollars in bailouts for the connected and big banks. Who’s economy? Small business owners can’t issue junk bonds only the connected rich can. The Fed deciding to buy and therefore guarantee junk bonds is like the Fed deciding to buy up every individuals used car loan and the credit card debt of those with a FICO score of under 600. Actually that might help the economy more. There is no good that can come out of the way this is being handled for the average person and the country.

Agree 100% As I see things the average working person in the United States is in for a very hard road ahead. As you’ve pointed out the bailout isn’t working for small business for many reasons as i see it maybe 40-50% of business that have closed are going to reopen if that many, causing a very slow recovery with extremely high unemployment at best.

Just my .02

I know it is a horrible and disgusting thing to say but if the misery lasts through November the nation will stand a much better chance of surviving a repeat of 1930s Europe. The way we are going now does not bode well for democracy, freedom, or a healthy society by any measure.

This may turn out to be a larger shifting of wealth than the one in 2008/09. Spain is rolling out universal guaranteed income.