Isolation and its effect on sanity

Take the world’s current woes and imagine their exponential development, a term everyone understands nowadays. The situation makes Mad Max look like a church picnic. Pestilence is rampant, sea levels are still rising, there’s an exodus of people escaping flooded coastal areas and heading for the hills. Jacked up four wheel drive trucks are at a premium. It’s hot as hell, everyone’s on edge and tempers are flaring; the Rockies are getting crowded and people are protecting their turf with firearms. A roll of toilet paper is trading for an ounce of gold. Landlubbers have no choice but to fight for space on higher ground but as a mariner you have an out. You can save yourself and your loved ones. This is my choice of bug out vehicle:

I showed you mine, you show me yours.


Some wag posted an ad " jumbo pack of toilet rolls, swap for 3 bedroom home.


See also, wanker

LMAO Lee Shore, need a chuckle/break from all the doom forecasters.


Just been offered a job bringing a private yacht up from Stuart FL to the outer banks in early May. I’m thinking that may be too early but we’ll see.

I’m sorry to tell you but you won’t make it 10 minutes after the apocalypse starts on that boat. You’ll need a big gun on the bow & cannons sticking out the port holes.

Look at my boat below as an example. A 50 cal mounted on the bow reduces the amount of rules of the road disagreements & needless channel 16 chatter. Even the seagulls will steer clear after a few of their buddies explode.



Why not a 5"/30 cal? You’d be by the head a bit but security has its price.


I considered a flame thrower but it would probably play hell on the gloss coat. I think its important to still look classy during the apocalypse.



Classy enough?


It’s pretty enough, but seems to lack firepower

Has a vague relationship to Hemingway’s Pilar. He had Thompson smg’s and grenades for his Q boat conversion before he went to Europe for D Day.

Those fenders aren’t being used to their full potential. I guess that’s one way to make sure they don’t get scuffed.

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The fenders are exactly the right height for fending off narrow boats in locks and they are plenty scuffed, just clean.

No experience travelling in canals. Didn’t know it got that close and personal.

Narrowboats are twenty tonnes or so of steel plate powered by around 30 hp. They don’t answer the helm at all unless the prop is pushing, and slowly if it is. And they can be strongly affected by bank effects in various important places. Many are hire boats, and the primary characteristic of all of them is being bloody strong.

This is a little off topic but there’s a mad lad who drove one of those barges up a river with rapids.

Its the kind of cow boy stuff I’d expect to see on the Kuskokwim river.

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It can get crowded and there are a lot of morons out there.


On my bucket list. That’s yours?

Yep, all mine although I am supposed to be selling her this year.
Fat chance at the moment.