Superior Marine International?

Greetings All,
Plowing through the dredging companies and ran a cross Superior marine International as part of Cashman Equipment. The tugs they list are the Atlas, Carolyn Anne, Marina Orion, Marina Polaris and the Ocean Raider. Anyone ever heard, seen or dealt with the boats or the company? Trying to track down an HR contact…
All the best,

Dude, you are most definitely the energizer bunny w.r.t. job apps. Hats off to you, my friend. I’m pretty sick of it.

I am so absolutely sick of filling them that I could scream - especially love getting the auto response after spending hours filling them out that says,“thanks for your interest, but we aren’t hiring”…Lazy SOB’s can’t edit their crappy websites to take down, or at least comment out the out of date material…</rant>

They are green.