SUNY Maritime regimental report

I agree there is a LOT here thats upsetting but i don’t agree with konrad that its scadalous. That word implies there is something new and suprising in the reprot. Is anyone really suprised by any of this crap? I’m not.

Nothing new that we didn’t cover here

No. Nobody is surprised. And that article is some of the worst writing I’ve seen in a long time.


I’ve been out of there for a long time now, but I have heard this woman’s name several times over the years on this forum. If she is such a menace, why is she still there?

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Opposite sides of the same coin? This idea that there is too much/not much “racist and sexist culture” at these regimented schools and that something/nothing should be done about it.

The group - irate over a state-ordered investigation last year that concluded the college suffered from a “racist and sexist culture” - appears emboldened…

I actually read the report. Two things I got out of it. Some of the students apparently had no parental guidance in their formative years. Some are not fit for society much less higher education. One cannot expect any college to teach proper behavior, college is for education. The other thing I got out of the report was humorous to me. Some were upset that others were not properly dressed in the library along with other complaints about the quasi military regiment they expected. Why they did not join some military for that experience is anyone’s guess. Should they graduate into the civilian maritime industry they will find themselves out of place if expecting a military like atmosphere.
The SUNY folks I worked with were top drawer in almost all respects. After reading the report I wondered if it was the same SUNY


I read the whole report. A couple of observations.

In the current backdrop of Midshipmen X, it seems it was appropriate for the college to commission this report.

  1. What was the state of affairs pre Covid? Has the pandemic really impacted the regiment that much? Seems that is the consensus and that is a problem. If the culture is that fragile, then that is a problem. That has not been my experience with Schuyler Grads.

  2. I thought their Commandant was a graduate? She must understand the cadet’s life and the regiment.

  3. Seems like a pretty balanced report. No questions on the academic rigor or relevance. If anything it sounded like they lost their way in Covid… What am I missing?

Why the president didn’t release it is a mystery to me. It seem like most of the folks in the middle of the mess already know what the problems are.

Diversity and inclusion are a problem at every institution. If we think it isn’t we are delusional. Shining light on the issue is the cure for the illness.

Are the Admiral’s actions scandalous I think not… perhaps insecurity in the current environment seems more likely.

Admiral you can do better. Lets just acknowledge the issues and get to work fixing them. If there is anything we can lean from the KP mess is that suppressing info is a mistake. Sunshine is like a disinfectant and provides a beacon for change in the areas that are problematic.

Lets just fix the issues and get back to the business of building Merchant Officers. And even though it was bad judgement for the President to allegedly suppress this information… it doesn’t rise to a scandal. John Konrad has always been objective and I may not always agree with his views, but I have respected his reporting. In this instance, I think he may have gone too far to prove his objectivity about his alma mater and created a mountain out of a mole hill.

Just my POV having read the document.

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Nothing new to its current students. I’m surprised SUNY stayed hidden under the radar for this long. The amount of shady things that are going on here (swastika flag, sst bow incident, new dorm elevator incident, rape cover up, just to name a few), class action lawsuits and change of command is only a matter of time. As the cadets were taught in their mug year, if you tell the incoming students the school is not all what it pretends to be , you are getting gold.


Sounds like your a current student at SUNY. What does getting gold mean?

Are you trying to say the school covered up these items and you want to use this forum to raise the issues? Or are you alleging there is something else that merits formation of a class for litigation?

Seems like your not happy there and you are willing to join this thread to take a shot at your school’s leaders. That’s certainly your prerogative. You can also step out of the shadows and try and change your situation. If all that fails maybe pick a diff school.

I have enormous respect for cadets/mids that step forward and are powerful forces for change. We have seen that at KP and Cal Martime. I may not agree with everything said but I respect their courage to stand up and be heard. Your post however seems sophomoric in comparison.

Sorry to be so hard but given all the issues with Sea Year that are going on for your brethren at KP and their inability to get through their program your post just touched a nerve.

So in other words, nothing has changed in 25 years. Staying under the radar was always the best policy.

And my response message got deleted within an hour. I wasn’t aware gcaptain is ran by SUNY staffs

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You know who owns the site, right?

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Getting gold is one of the biggest offenses you can commit in the regiment. It entails a minimal month long confinement on campus for the transgression the school perceived you have committed. Apparently telling the truth to the incoming student that SUNY is not what the admission and cadet workers hyped up to be is one of them. They get paid to do their job, I understand that.

I’m in SUNY for the license. The typical college experience, with diversity, inclusion and work life balance, we threw all that away already to survive and get out of the school with license. The ones who can’t see through this would have transferred out after one and two semesters. Those that remained are determined to get their license at all cost, against the ongoing bureaucracy and distractions.

The key of survival at SUNY is to stay under the radar, and you don’t want to be on regiment’s radar. The regiment has a habit of punishing the one that made the report and do nothing to the perpetrator. The entire company often gets punished for the administration’s failure to find one particular cadet’s wrongdoing or exposing administration’s inadequacies. Most recent SUNY graduates would echo the same sentiment, they miss the people but hate the place.

I can’t comment on the KP situation, I’m not too familiar with its details. But whatever is happening over KP is not the reason or justification for SUNY to continue to operate this way. As it’s recommended in the recent external review, I too support the idea of rebooting the regiment, so the next generation of cadets don’t have to go through what we are going through to achieve their academic and career goals.

No need to go full conspiracy theory yet. Both times the “system” flagged your post as potential spam. It doesn’t explain why it thought was spam. Maybe has something to do with where you are connecting from, the length / speed of typing. Hard to say. Looking into it.

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At a minimum, the headline seems misleading. There was nothing hidden, other than a very short redacted portion to protect privacy. My son is a high school senior and is starting his first year at SUNY in August in the regiment. The complete report was delivered to his SUNY email account last Friday, which he forwarded to me. While I commend the Admiral for releasing the report, I’ll be looking to what changes as a result.

My son and I are still mulling over the content. Some aspects are troubling, but I wouldn’t say scandalous. He was accepted at all the colleges he applied to, but still plans to show up at Fort Schuyler in August.



Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding on the dissemination of the report. I am not sure how it got reported as a cover up if it was widely released.

I hope your son enjoys his time at Schuyler. I have nothing but good things to say about the officers I shipped with from there as well as the others I still interface with today,

Thank you for clarifying what a gold is. I suspected it was a part of the regimental discipline system. I suspect your not a fan of the regiment at your school. Can’t say I knew many kids that truly loved it years ago. But it was an essential part of your trading as required by Federal Regulations.

You should become familiar with the KP situation since it is impacting all schools and the industry as a whole. As a potential licensed officer in the future it would serve you well to understand what is happening and the winds of change it is creating. I do believe this report was as a result of those issues.

Good luck with your program.

Thank you for your kind wishes oldmanandthensea. I have nothing bad to say about the cadets of the school. They are some of the hardest working people I ever have the pleasure to know. My apologies if my post is giving off that impression. I value the seamanship I gained from suny. My issue is only targeted at administration and regiment, not the lecturers or students.

Just to clarfiy, the external review was done months ago, the report was released to the school after the article was published on gcap and the enormous pressure from the faculties. The leaked report has already been circulating among students before school sending out a damage control email acknowledging its existence.

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There have always been and always will be scandals at SUNY.

They kill a cadet at least once every couple of years. Two died during my time, another was seriously injured, and they almost killed a staff member.

There were two scandals with staff stealing money while I was there. One was the “special activities” employee taking kickbacks from the entertainment acts she booked. This was in addition to having sex with all the MUGS. The other scandal involved a certain religious member.

Speaking of sex, a certain employee of the food service company was removed while I was there, at least she went after the older day students.

This is all par for the course and after they clean house it will be quiet until the next scandal.

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I almost forgot the lifeboat incident that involved one of the reg officers on summer sea term. Who could have known a reg officer with wife and kids would do things like that while teaching kids leadership to cadets with a straight face during the day.