SUNY Maritime regimental report

Provide evidence or else these accusations go in the fake news category.

Oh please. Those of us who went there know it’s true.

One kid died on SST 07. Another died when his car fell on top of him. And the trainingship is a fuckfest for all.


You must not be an alumnus.

These are all well documented.

Most of them you can read about right here in this forum.

When I say the kill a student, I don’t mean literally. They don’t push cadets into the water shackled like the Navy does but they admit cadets that shouldn’t be there, and allow them to do stupid shit without adult supervision while they are there.

William McCarthy and Benjamin Bragg. McCarthy was not the first cadet to die on sea term, he was simply relevant to my time there.

I don’t remember the name of the MUG that jumped out of the window, second deck of A company. That incident might actually be on you tube.

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Billy. I still remember where I was when I heard, and I went to the funeral. Horrible.

I dont know the year but SUNY lost two cadets to a subway surfing incident.

Being of veteran of several large agencies before arriving at SUNY I will tell you that their scandal and fatality rate is above average.

It probably has a lot to do with the low salaries and inability to retire.

Everywhere i have ever been, if theres cash, theres somebody to steal it.

If theres men and women, somebody will get laid.

If theres a job to do, somebody will be incompetant.

That stuff doesnt bother me as much as the greedy and unethical things the school does as a matter of policy. An example is admitting tons of retards every year. Most of which they absolutely know will not make it a month, but they do it to inflate their numbers, and they get to keep all the non refundable fees and tuition. They literally fill every basement room with 3 cadets each. Fortunately for those guys the racks open up quickly.

Dog Bites Man!

Collage students die all the time. They drink too much, they overdose, they leap from balconies while inebriated. They slit their wrists from heartbreak or shoot each other in anger. They get hit by busses in crosswalks and die from bee stings. It’s just too numerous to even notice unless it goes viral.

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At regular colleges that is true. At service academies, it usually makes the news.

The West Point spring breakers made the national news, and none actually died.

You sure? I doubt most Americans care about deaths at any school unless they have some personal interest in the school or the death went viral. It’s likely attention bias on your part - noticing things that interest you and disregarding everything else. Considering most Americans would tell you a “service academy” is a school for fancy waiters I bet if it did make the news most folks wouldn’t notice.

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While the rest of what SilverBK has said is true, he’s especially right on this one. From what I understand, the quality of incoming cadet has risen in the last few years. During my time there, there were some absolute morons. There were some kids out of HS who absolutely couldn’t compete academically, socially, or in some measure of maturity. Alright maybe some of them will mature or hit the books, and should be given a chance; I wasn’t always the best student during my time. However, I had classmates that were very-obviously either medically not fit for license or mentally/emotionally unfit. The ones who make it to license and graduation are generally top notch, but the freshman class usually has a good percentage of kids who I wouldn’t think are cut out for college, much less a college with the kind of rigorous curriculum required for a license degree. The school is more then happy to accept these kids and take their money, and when they inevitably wash out due to regimental or academic reasons, well the school will happily take them in the non-reg,non-license program, despite that degree being pretty useless. Meanwhile this all serves to bolster the spirits of those making it through the program because we can be proud and say to ourselves and eachother, “look how far I’ve come, my MUG class had 1,000 students, and only 200 made it to graduation.” Cadets are taught early on during MUG INDOC to take pride in that with the classic, “look at the cadet standing at attention next to you, he probably won’t be here when you stand for graduation”.

I’d have to compare it with program washout/transfer/whatever at other SUNY colleges for a fair comparison, but I’d bet that it is higher then average. A big part of the reason is admitting kids that are so obviously not going to cut it.

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Sounds like most colleges. Also, surviving doing stupid shit without adult supervision is part of your college education


This is sadly not the case. Can’t say about the upcoming mugs of fall 2022, the current mugs are not well acquainted with seamanship nor have the desire to learn. The past year’s sst, MT department allowed mugs to fail 3 subjects out of 5 or most of them would fail the cruise. If anything, the quality of mugs have gone down over the last couple years. During the last year’s indoc, they were allow to keep some of their hair and indoc was basically reduced to weekend events instead of 2 weeks of training most of us had to go through. The year before that had a high drop out rate during that school had to shut down multiple campus cafe to cover the loss.

To my understanding, Suny’s past scandals would usually got some public attention or news coverage. Unlike today, which is always hush hush, dont tell anyone or you are in trouble with the school.

How does a ‘secret’ report get disseminated.? Someone knows about, then tells someone outside, who then reports it to others and soon it is public and the media gets a hold of it.

NYSM’s administration did not want anyone to know that they had similar problems to KP because then they wouldn’t get the non-school ship berths…

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Nice to see you back on the forum. Well as much as I respect your point of view. I may have a slightly different read on the situation and the report. First, i don’t think the two have identical situations. The different training models tend to produce a different set of risks. I agree they do share a common concern about Sash on board commercial vessels. But once you get past that commonality things diverge. Seems like SUNY has some issues with dissatisfaction with the impact to the regiment caused by Covid and its impact on instilling military bearing and regimentation. There is certainly some unflattering items about the Commandant and her staff.

Seems like KP has had some serious issues that have been widely covered by every news outlet over the last 6 years. When you put aside the terrible incidents of Sash both shipboard and ashore, the remaining issues at KP seems to be under investment in the facilities and programs . SUNY seems to be investing heavily in new facilities and the govt is funding a new ship.

Throwing stones at each other is not really helpful. I will say I don’t understand why any SMA cadets are being allowed to ship while KP mids hung up shoreside

Any way you cut it. I think the concept of a “ secret report” at a state run institution is not realistic. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be widely disseminated…. that’s possible. But is that a sinister conspiracy? Probably not. But as I read it I didn’t see anything that rose to the level of observations in past USMMA reports from NAPA and accreditation teams.

I know we are all angry about Sea Year. Blasting other Academies even though they are not living up to the spirit of Embarc commitments is not the way to solve the issue.

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