SUNY MC Cruise

Yesterday Admiral Alfultis briefed Cadets on how things may play out through a FB livestream. I am here looking for feedback from anyone who may be informed on the matter or someone who feels they might have a solid idea on what will happen. Thanks

Do not have the brief , so can’t comment.

Options for sea term are posted to this link. Some seem unrealistic but what do I know

Feedback? Yeah. He overcomplicated his presentation. It had more numbers than a math exam on it and even more redundant or unimportant information strewn in.

Left a lot of people more confused than satisfied. Typical Alfutis.

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I saw one of the options was a 140 cruise next summer. Holy fuck.

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Yea that would be pretty miserable. Plus at least half of them would go crazy.

It would be miserable for all hands on that old bucket, not just the cadets.

The wages are so low they probably won’t find many experienced or quality officers willing to go out there for that long. Guys from MMP are netting $5000 for upwards of 78 days on there.

Damn had no idea it was that bad. Would have guessed at least $100- $200/ day.

It is, but after the union deductions and NYS taxes you get assraped pretty bad.

Add to that the insult that SUNY Maritime forces you to pick your checks up in person unless you give their HR people an envelope at the start of your contract with a stamp on it. This is because they specifically state they will not pay for the postage to mail you your own check at the completion of your service.

That’s unreal. What deck officer gets out of bed for 5k over 80 days on the empire daycare. And they won’t even mail a check? someone should contact the NYS dept of labor and report them for nonpayment of wages earned.

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God damn. I dealt with HR twice there, and both times it was a hassle. I was considering doing the occasional sea term to keep my license active once I go shoreside, but it’s be hard to justify at those rates. Could easily spend that on beer haha.

That’s really all it’s for. Nobody goes on there to make any money. You get to go to some cool places (well, used to anyway), have 4-5 days there with almost no responsibilities, and go out and get hammered every night!

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On a 140 day cruise they better make it like a Matson ship and allow crew to buy beer from the slop chest for sanity’s sake!

I would hope they work in a few more ports for a 140 day cruise. And return to visiting more than 1 foreign country.