Where's the Dome at today?

Not a lot of activity here so i figured I would throw out some bait and see if anyone or anything bites :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
SUNY Maritime has been flying below the radar for awhile now and that is normally a good thing but as an old alum I’m curious how she is doing today? I know that SST '21 just returned to one of my favorite ports as a cadet in Mallorca. And it seems that leadership in the Regiment has stabilized for the moment.
Here are a few things to chum the waters:

  1. Any more talk or planning on when the NSMV arrives? ( I know, it is more than a year away but I remember the transition between V and VI)
  2. How is having non-license students working out?
  3. Anyone done both the traditional 60 day SST and the current blue/gold rotation? Thoughts? Are the 1st class getting the opportunities they need? How crowded is the berthing? Has cadet shipping increased / decreased in lieu of a training cruise?
  4. Anything else about goings on at Throgg’s Neck, feel free to add.

Thanks for indulging me. It’s been awhile and feeling nostalgic. Never thought I would say that :upside_down_face: