Suggestions for getting into deep sea sailing

Hello all, I am looking to sail deep sea. Somewhere that will take me around the world.

I have an AB/QMED and I’ve been sailing for three and a half years as a QMED-Oiler. I have my Junior Engineer endorsement now.

I’m actually looking to switch to the deck side of business. Not to say that I wouldn’t take a job in the engine room, but I’d really like to use my AB.

My current ship is mostly coast-wise and inland sailing and I’d like to sail around the world.

I understand that a lot of people go to union halls to get on with the shipping companies. I work in the Washington/Oregon area. Which unions would be the best to look into?

My other idea is trying to get on with Military Sealift Command.

Money is important, but not my biggest focus. I’m looking for work on ships that are underway for months at a time. I’d like to get out and see the world.

Any suggestions?

If you have a strong immune system, there’s always Carnival Corporation & plc. Reckon an American (presuming, because you use the term QMED) without a license wont be able to keep up with the domestic cost of living on an international ship. Good money in Manilla is less than public assistance where you are from.

Are you referring to Carnival Cruise Lines? And what is plc?

Yes, I am American.
I have an AB/QMED-Junior.
I still need to pay the bills, so it sounds like Manilla wages aren’t going to cut it haha.




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I understand his confusion. Normally it would either be Corporation or PLC, but not both – so in context PLC sounds like some other shipping company.

It’s not a big deal. Rather than his or her sarcasm, I would have preferred something constructive, that was related to my original question.

It’s a single company listed on two different stock exchanges under two different names. Or it’s two companies joined at the hip. Either way, that’s what they call themselves. Carnival Corporation & plc.

Got it, thanks.

You asked about unions out west. SIU has both deck and engine. However I would try for SUP deck or MFOW engine. All three I believe have halls in the Tacoma area

Thanks for the info. Do you have to be ready to accept a job immediately if an opportunity comes up? I am currently on a ship already as a permanent crew member, so I wouldn’t be able to just drop everything and leave immediately.

This is my first maritime job so I’m not really familiar with the etiquette involved in leaving a ship.

Once you join, when you go to the hall you should be looking for work. You don’t have to take anything you don’t want to