Chevron Shipping

If anybody has worked on a Chevron ship any info you could pass on would be appreciated.

I was wondering about what ports the US Flag ships go to, the route they take, length of the trips, OT, how they treat ya, how much 3/M’s make, tuition reimbursement and anything else you think I should know.

If I forgot to ask about something please tell me about that as well. :wink:

You can check out SUP newspaper for location/run info. Look towards the end under Vice President Report.

Don’t you have to be a member of SIU to get a Chevron gig?

SUP for deckies and snipes.

As I understand it, they have something called the “Exxon Seaman’s Union” which is a part of the SUP and those jobs are regular gigs with reliefs.

Besides that the SUP has Matson, some APL vessels, and some MSC contracted ships as well, if you want to sail SUP better to call up one of their union halls and see what they have cooking. As I understood it, they do have work for AB’s with RFPNW.

The SUP does have the Exxon Seaman’s Union under their umbrella. Those jobs don’t come out of the hall normally. Exxon has their own hiring process. Once they hire you, you have to join the in-house union. Chevron jobs do come out of the halls. Most are west coast ships, but Arizona Voyager (IIRC) works in GOM. Hope that helps.

OP is looking for a 3M job. Why would he call SUP or SIU? My understanding with Chevron is they have some sort of backdoor deal with the MEBA for junior officers. They hire in house then have the option to join. Not sure how it all works out with the MEBA. As far where they go? If it is a US flag then pretty much just coastwise travel.

Unlicensed are SUP, Mates and Engineers have a handshake agreement with SUP. Several friends worked there as AB’s with the promise of a 3/M job and it never happened. They worked 3 months on and 2 months off, Mates work 3 on/3 off. Be very weary of what Chevron promises as far as advancement, tuition reimbursement, etc. If you don’t want to be a robot, Chevron is not the place for you.

Nice rotation. Are wages comparable to Matson/APL for ABs and mates?

Just found their contract statement in West Coast Sailors (SUP newspaper/online). Starting this year they are supposed to get 22 days vaca per month. Noticed they recvd a nice annual bonus. Exxons wages from Aug 2010 for regular AB is 2754/mo, 809/SSH, 19.09/OT, 7.32/Penalty and 24.13/Tanks. New contract starting Sept 1, I think it would be safe to say at least 3% across the board. Found no wage info on Chevron or ConocoPhillips (AMEU Atlantic Maritime Employee Union- formerly for ARCO). Anyone have any input? Gladly accept pm’s.

Straight from my friends mouth. Junior mates and engineering officers are represented by MEBA when it comes to time at work and wage negotiations. As of late last year, all officers on are on 75 day rotation with a 3% wage increase. The last gas turbine ship was just retired ie: sent to the Brownsville TX for scrap. All of the ships are now Double Eagle class diesel ships on long term bare boat charter from Seabulk Tankers. Of the US flagged fleet, three of four ships run west coast between Los Angeles, Richmond, Portland, and Hawaii. One ship runs the Gulf of Mexico to west coast through the canal. Good paying company with very strict safety policies.

Look towards the end under Vice President Report.

This is true?