Non union deep sea?

What are the options for non union, non government deep sea work, if any? (For a 2nd unlimited engineer or limited chief with OICEW)

As far as I can remember this would only be polar tankers and some of the tug companies with atb’s?

Not sure but I thought Schuyler Line Navigation may be non union. Correct me if I am mistaken.

Conoco philips?


Bouchard Transportation. “Highest Compensation Package” out there according to the owner.


Chevron is SUP

I may be wrong but their officers may be non union.

When I shipped non-Union I went to the library and went through the phone books (yes it was that long ago) and made lists of every shipping company I found,and cold called,most told me they were union,but I did get a few jobs, Gleneagle, Boston Ocean, Sabine, and a few others, of course today the google machine makes that easier.

Of course you can also work with the head-hunters.

Thanks will look at them

No thanks lol

I believe the Chevron officers (deck and engine) are represented by the MEBA but as a separate and distinct bargaining unit. The jobs do not come out of the hall.


I think that’s the way it works now. The company hires you, you register with the union as part of the hiring process but dispatches are controlled by the company and you never see the inside of a hall.

I believe that this is how it works with Chevron/Conoco, and has since at least the '80s. I worked at Mobil under a similar arrangement with MEBA, and our unlicensed has a similar arrangement with SUP.

Polar has in-house union/association that’s joined upon hiring. No joining of the usual unions, pay/benefits provided by ConocoPhillips.

I think OSG officers are also non-union.

You could probably get a 2AE spot with AMO, why not give that a try? There’s no hiring hall and you pay nothing until you get work.

Deck officers are non Union. Engineers on tankers/ATBs are MEBA/AMO respectively.

OSG ATB deck officers are also AMO, I was specifically talking ships.

The old TECO ships were the only non-union ships I knew of but last I checked they were MMP/MEBA now. If they are even still sailing?

I know Sulphur Carriers/Whoever had bought them. What’s their status now?

Application turned Into them February 2017, after calling dispatchers several times a month to the point of them being annoyed for having to do their job, they switched to some email service for notifications of jobs. Only thing I’ve heard since then is ETO training for msc.