Stumped on a chart correction question for NTM 27/13 to Coast Pilot 9

Got stumped on a chart correction recently and was wondering if anyone had a 100% answer for it.

[INDENT=2]COAST PILOT 9 30 Ed 2012 16 JUN 2013[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Chapter 8—Paragraph 417.01; read:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3](NOS 16220) 27/13
[INDENT=2]Chapter 8—Paragraph 450.01; read:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=3](NOS 16006) 27/13

So the question is that 417.01. There is a paragraph 417, and a 418. So where does this correction go?

Here’s my guess:I think this might be like the light list corrections. Sometimes those lights appear with a .XX after them where you’ve got a handful of lights that are all being used for the same purpose. Example: page 122 of Light List has 14065.1, 14065.11, 14065.12, 14065.2 etc. are all Palouse River Submerged Pipeline Danger Buoys A, B, C, D etc. So some number with a .XX is a convention for inserting another item between two numbers that are already next to each other.

Then if you go back to your Coast Pilot 9, and look at 444, you see in blue “Chart 16200” right between paragraphs 537 and 538.

I bet the 417.01 correction is A NEW PARAGRAPH meant to be jammed between 417 and 418.

So I’m going to cut out the two lines from the correction, and tape it between the two paragraphs 417 and 418. Same thing with the next one 450 and 451.

I was not able to find another precedent for this in the Coast Pilot, so I’m not 100% on it.


I don’t have a direct answer but you can check it against the corrected electronic version found here:

ninja edit: you appear to be correct in your assumption.

Thanks wafinator.

I was able to check the paragraph on the most updated version and yes, it’s just supposed to be inserted between paragraphs. Thanks!

(417) A rock covered 23 feet was reported 127 miles SW of St. Matthew Island in 58°38.0’N., 175°02.5’W.


(418) St. Lawrence Island is in the N part of the Bering Sea about 120 miles S of Bering Strait.

(419) The E end of this island is