Block Charts

Was planning on getting block charts up to date, but I was wondering if anyone has been gigged during a COI for not having these up to date with applicable NTM/LNTM. The title block says, “For Offshore Navigation Only”. However, there are non-block charts that cover the same areas. For example, block chart 1117A is the same as chart 11300, which would be corrected and up to date. Does the CG care if you don’t correct block charts?

Since we don’t use block charts for navigation, we don;t correct them. We only correct the non-block charts for those areas. Never had an issue with the CG over it. Just be sure ALL the charts you use are corrected and up to date (not using them, hide them somewhere)

Put unused charts in a inactive portfolio…

We wrote on them “Not for navigation,reference only” and we keep them in the chart table. Never had a problem with it.