NGA charts new labeling?

I wanted to see if you guys had any information about the new chart labeling system from NGA.

Ive recieved a number of charts labeled “PVHxxx”

Searching the chart numbers on NTM is yeilding no results, which is obviously problematic. Is this part of paper chart phase out? I couldnt find any information on this on NGA’s site.


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Could you give us an example of a number and name? My first guess is your usual chart was discontinued and you’re getting a different countries’ version, not sure who PV would be, but I’m guessing H stands for Hydrographic, like UKHO. You’d have to go to that country for corrections.

Could you reach out to your supplier and ask what’s going on?

The charts that are getting canceled in the US would be sending charts numbered like OG11470 instead of 11470, but they aren’t compliant with carriage requirements. If they look kinda like an ENC, it’s possible someone “made” a custom chart using NOAA"s new tool, and that would not have corrections, and also would not be compliant. You can name them whatever you want though.

Hang in there mate, only 11.5 months till the US charts are all gone.

Go to the nga website and email them. These are the new cpenc’s completely new number system that you can’t cross reference to the old number system. The corrections will be new as well they should have sent a cpenc with some of those charts. But if you email the nga they’ll send you some attachments that help explain it.