Studying for 3rd Mates

Hello everyone, I have been studying now for about 2 weeks…(I took seminar at SUNY Maritime last semester) for my 3rd mate license test on February 13th. I am taking it at the Battery in NYC, just wondering if anyone has any good tips. I am using lapware and…basically going through the whole question banks of Nav gen, deck gen, deck safety…The one I am worried about the most is Near Coastal. Oceans and Chart Plot don’t bother me. I am really anxious to take the test, anyone have any experience taking it at the REC in the city? Thanks for the info.

You should nit worry about nc its very straight forward set and drift, eta, tides and currents. Palmiotti exams were almost identical when I took mine. ( same format) good luck

Don’t drink any coffee the morning of the exam cause it will make you jittery and have to pee… I had to re-take license cause i had to pee so bad half way through an exam.

Be careful, the chart plot is one of the things a lot of people fail because they think it’s easy. The multiple choice answers are very similar and they include options resulting from common mistakes. It is only 10 questions and you need a 90% to pass. Anything more than one simple mistake and you blow it.

Good advise, I had the same situation happen to me. Has anyone considered depends? Its embarrassing to admit, but it crossed my mind. Ha…

I recall a head in the Seattle testing room.

In the NOLA REC in Mandeville they will let you use the head. I know I did halfway through plotting. I also took some Nicorett.

[QUOTE=Tom B;61848]In the NOLA REC in Mandeville they will let you use the head. I know I did halfway through plotting. I also took some Nicorett.[/QUOTE]

When I was at NMC, I triesd with limited sucess to get RECs to provide escorts to the head. If you’ve seen the Godfather, you’ll know why (although it wasn’t out of concern for the safety of anyone in the exam room)

The guy at the Battery is kind of creepy, but he’s a nice guy. You can take a head break during the test. It’s probably a good idea even if you don’t have to - take the test, go for a little stroll to clear your head, and come back and take it again or go over the ones that you weren’t sure about. I think he flips through your Bowditch but doesn’t really inspect it. This was a few years ago.