Anyone take the Third Mate- Oceans exam recently

It was not possible for my friend to attend the academy years ago…he has been studying while working…passing practice tests on ROR, Deck Safety, Deck Gen, Nav Gen…now to tackle Chart Plot, Nav Prob Near Coastal and Nav Prob Oceans…heard there were some changes in Chart Plot…any updates? Anyone have notes on formulas to memorize VS ones in Bowditch?tips…he is trying to get ready to test in Dec or Jan- thought about doing Near Coastal then just have Nav Gen Oceans and NavProb Oceans to take, but ATT is for Oceans…any thoughts…the fact that if you fail 3 modules having to take ALL of them over makes me wonder about doing the Near Coastal first…just trying to look at all the scenarios to tackle this exam and trying to help guide him…30 plus years of experience…time to pass this test!!!thnx in advance

Well if you fail two exams just don’t take the third and come back and try again

I know people that have done that. If you’re willing to spend the extra time and money and do the extra testing then go for it.

Ill be taking my classes and exams or buying a house in 5 months.