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I am studying with the Master/Mate 500-1600 gross ton from, There are alot of stability and other questions I can not find the formula for. Can anybody help me with this one?

Your ship has loaded 22,000 barrels of crude oil, departing Valdez, Alaska for Panama. When loaded the cargo the temperature was 90deg F. API was 15 deg. The volume correction factoris .0004. If the cargotemperature is expected to be 100deg F at the discharge port, how many barrels will be offloaded?

Also what does API stand for?

Thank you. I have got to test before Dec so I am trying to cram a bunch

Man, I’m trying to look for my notes to tell you exactly, but here goes… you take the temprature difference between load and offload, which is 10 degrees. I [B]think[/B] you then multiply your volume correction factor by the temp. difference then by your loaded volume, 22000. Total discharge would then be 22088 barrels. Discharge is hotter than load temp, so volume expands. API is just there to throw you off… All of this may be wrong. Check against the answer on the cd.

I’ll see if I can find my notes.

correct answer, thank you

API is the gravity or density of a liquid cargo. And API stands for American Petroleum Institute.

The original formula is:

Coefficient of Expansion = (Change in Volume / Volume) / Change in Temperature

Solving for change in volume:

Change in Volume = Coefficient of Expansion * Change in Temperature * Volume


Change in Volume = .0004 * 10 * 22,000
Change in Volume = 88

Since it is an increase in temperature, add the change in volume to the original volume resulting in 22,088.