Bunker Calculation

Hi everybody,
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between calculating bunker quantity of HFO & MGO if I’m using the formula
Mass=(Stanadard value@15 Degree Celsius) X V.C.F. X W.C.F.
Where v.c.f. is from ASTM 54B & w.c.f=v.c.f-0.0011

And what about this formula
Mass=Observed Volume X Corrected S.G.
**WhereThe formula used to calculate the Temperature Corrected Density is:

= (Density of Fuel Oil @ 15⁰C) x [1- {(T-15) x 0.00064}]

T = temperature of oil in bunker tanks in degree Celsius,
0.00064 = Correction factor**
Does this formula applies for both HFO & MGO??

Thanks in advance

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sorry i didn’t delve into this further but I always just used the expansion coefficient as applied to usg. The USG didn’t seem too interested in paying for a few hundred ‘extra’ gallons but private companies sure did !
My parents ran a gas station and insisted the FO be delivered early in the morning while it was still cool, the supplier is suppose to calculate FO delivered at 68F but i suppose a lot are not aware of this nor know how to calculate it. I do recall the gallons corrected for temp. on the delivery ticket from some suppliers.

Wouldn’t the expansion coefficient be different between HFO and MDO? IIRC every different type of crude has its own expansion coefficient so I can’t imagine these two would be the same.