Fuel Grade & US SECA

I’ve been working overseas for some time now, so a group of us are not really sure of this one. With the new emissions requirements in US waters, are most ships now burning MGO-only, or is ULSHFO available in the USA? For a while, I thought only Rotterdam had a supply of the low sulfur product, but that could all be different now.

Thanks all!

We burn LSMDO the entire time we are inside the U.S. ECA.

We have two 100 ton DO tanks but we also converted one of our heavy oil tanks to diesel for the U.S. ECA.

. Evidently LSHFO is not available but I can’t say for sure.

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We switch over from HSHFO to LSMGO prior to coming inside the ECA. I don’t believe that ULSHFO is readily available as it’s such a niche at the moment. I think that the issue they’re presently finding is that the final price difference between ULSHFO and MGO isn’t enough to justify making it in large batches.

My present ship had to convert an HFO tank to MGO to bring our MGO capacity from about 400m3 to about 1000m3.

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