Currently I am a OUPV near coastal, with 100 ton master inland. Ref number 3748275.

Looking to submit for a further upgrade on tonnage, and/or getting near coastal on my master.

Been reviewing the rules. Every delivery I do I collect a signed sea time form and place it in the folder of that delivery. I have started a spreadsheet to add up all my time. Finding it hard to understand how to setup of this spreadsheet, any guidance would be nice.

Here’s the USCG formCG_719S-small sea service doc.pdf (1.0 MB)

Take a look at 46 CFR 11.422, it’s how tonnage is calculated for endorsements for less than 200 GRT. It might be useful to incorporate this into the spreadsheet to determine if you have the service on appropriate tonnage to upgrade.

hell there again, my spreadsheet has become quite extensive but its great for tracking my sea time forms.

So I have a total of 1061 days
of which 191 are over 50 ton
and of which 176 are over 101 ton

Looking to go for my 500 ton?