50 to 100 ton upgrade question +

Hello. I just submitted my application to renew and upgrade from 50 to 100 ton. I was wondering if anyone is clear on the sea time required to do this? I spoke with the Memphis REC and they asked if I had something like 180 or 360 days (can’t remember) on vessels over 5 tons. I have that and more (about 2400 days total documented with the CG). However, the biggest tonnage I have is 24 tons. The guy I spoke with at the REC talked like it would be no problem to upgrade to 100 tons…

2nd issue: I am attempting to get a license to run two state owned ferries here. They are tug/barge style car ferries. The Sector Ohio Valley OCMI said he thinks I need to add a Master of towing vessels onto my master’s license. However, they are considering allowing captains with a masters + steersman’s to run them. Also, the CG has issued a special endorsement called “tug and barge ferry” to a few captains with no additional testing. Anyone know anything about this?

here is a good place to start:


Thank you. Yes. I have read through the CFR’s. I just don’t see anywhere that shows my service being good for 100 ton (like the REC told me). With the exception of this section (which may not apply):
“Additional service, which, when combined with all previously
accumulated service, will qualify the applicant for a higher tonnage
license under the basic formula;”

However, I have submitted application for the 100 ton, so I guess I’ll find out the answer soon. LOL

I don’t have a reference, but it seems as though I remember reading in the CFRs that service under the authority of your license for a stated amount of time; will allow the holder to go up one level…like a free bump from 50 to 100 GRT, but only if you are using the 50 ton capacity . Hope that makes sense, and sorry I dont have the reference but there was something to that effect in the CFRs.

Otherwise if you use the 150% of tonnage rules, it still keeps it under the 50 GRT I would say. 200GRT and below licenses are issued in increments based on prior services…limited to max tonnage of which 25 % of service obtained…OR 150% of max tonnage that 50% of service obtained.

I’d look for the CFR that essentially gives you the free “bump” for “one time only”…I cant remember where it is though…sorry.

Where the hell is Captain Fran when you need her?

  1. When Qualifying Service Is On Vessels Of Five GT Or Less.
    46 CFR 10.422(e) provides that master or mate licenses issued to applicants presenting
    qualifying service obtained aboard vessels of five gross tons or less will be limited to
    vessels of no more than 25 gross tons. This provision is independent of the other
    provisions of section 10.422. In other words, an individual who never serves on a vessel
    larger than five gross tons will not be allowed to raise their tonnage limit. In order to raise
    that tonnage limitation, a master or mate must present evidence of service obtained aboard
    vessels of greater than five gross tons as follows (see 46 CFR 10.422(b)(4)):

a. An additional six months service on vessels over five gross tons will allow the
tonnage to be increased to 50 gross tons; and

b. Another six months service on vessels over five gross tons (a total of twelve months
service on vessels over five gross tons) will allow the tonnage limit to be increased to
100 gross tons.

From the Marine Safety Manual volume III , I think you have it in the bag !

Awesome! Thank you.

I got a call from Memphis REC. I sent the wrong fee amount (which I got right out of the CFR’s). Coastie said it happens all the time because the CFR’s haven’t been updated on the .gov web site. I owed $95 instead of the $140 I sent (cool). Now, this gal stayed on the phone with me while I went to pay.gov and payed the correct fee and gave her the confirmation code. She said my app is approved at the REC and is being shipped to NMC.

Question: How closely does the REC check these things? What are the chances that NMC won’t push a license through after REC has “approved” it? BTW: she told me time at the NMC is averaging 20 days right now… Thanks!

You 're welcome…

The REC gathers the required documentation and sends it to the NMC, there is where they check everything and either approve it or ask for more documentation etc…They will notify you if there is a problem and you can also monitor your progress on the NMC’s web site…

[QUOTE=Shellback;you can also monitor your progress on the NMC’s web site…[/QUOTE]

here is the “Homeport” link:


[QUOTE=ollie;30789]Where the hell is Captain Fran when you need her?[/QUOTE]

Thanks, but I think Shellback and Seadawg have got this well in hand, as usual.

[QUOTE=seadawg;30802]here is the “Homeport” link:


Thanks for taking up my slack Seadawg…I don’t mind rumaging around the CFR’s or MSM but I hate navigating the NMC site :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Capt. Fran;30807]Thanks, but I think Shellback and Seadawg have got this well in hand, as usual.[/QUOTE]

If you would drop by more often we would be happy to share some of the research…:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Shellback;30809]If you would drop by more often we would be happy to share some of the research…:)[/QUOTE]

I agree with Captain Fran - you guys do an amazing job of research and sharing information! Well done and thanks from everyone on the forum!

The REC doesn’t “approve” anything. They run applications through checklists. Only NMC give approvals.

Just a reminder…when you get your upgrade, make sure you get the renewal as well. Check your expiration date…your new document should be good for 5 years. Last year I did what you did and upgraded my 50T to 100T. When my credential was issued, it had the 50T expiration date which was 9 months away. Nobody at the NMC would help me get the correct expiration date until I wrote a letter to the commandant asking for a review. I won the review and a new credential was issued with the correct date.

46 CFR 10.422 (b)(4)- is the one I spoke of as the “bump”.

It states- Six months additional service in the deck department on vessels within the highest tonnage increment on the license. In this case, the tonnage limitation may be raised one increment.

Sounds like you may have already received your answer, but maybe someone else reading this might need a reference to the actual CFR.


You double the tonnage of the largest boat you have run for ( 360 days) if it comes out more than 60 tons then you get the next highest tonage 100 ton. My boat is 32 tons 32 X 2= 64 so they gave me my 100 ton no problem.