50 ton to 100 ton upgrade. National Lower Level Tonnage Increases 46 CFR 11.422

Greetings friends. I currently hold a 50 ton nearshore. Am I reading the the CFR attached correctly that if I submit and additional 90 days of sea service on the 12ton vessel I have been working on … I qualify for an upgrade to 100 tons?

Has anyone done this or can speak to the validity of it?

Any help would be much appreciated.


mcp_fm_nmc5_171_web.pdf (259.9 KB)

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Say what, 90 days on a 12 ton vessel to go from 50 tons to 100 tons?

Why does the USCG bother with this nonsense?

They might as well just put a 100 ton license in every box of Crackerjacks.

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that is correct

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Back around 1990, I upgraded from OUPV to Master based on USCG service aboard 44’ Motor Lifeboats and 41’ Utility Boats. I think they credited me for 15 GT (+/-), and only gave me a 50 GT license. I was fortunate to find some T-boats in the 30-50GT range that allowed me to later upgrade to 100.

GOM crewboat time as master/mate allowed me to upgrade to 500 GT.

Seems like a pretty long jump from 12 GT to 100 GT