PIC requirement question

10 transfers of cargo (2 within five years of application), under supervision of a
Tankerman-PIC or Tankerman-PIC (Barge), INCLUDING
5 loadings and 5 discharges, WITH 13.203/13.303
2 commencements and 2 completions of loadings, AND 13.203/13.303
2 commencements and 2 completions of discharge 13.203/13.303

Am I to interpret this as 5 and 5 plus 4? Or 10, 2 of which are discharges from start to finish and 2 that are loads from start to finish? I did a search and wasn’t able to find sufficient clarification. Apologies in advance, I am not the quickest study and not all of the language is crystal clear to me.

I don’t know if they want only 10 or 18? I hope it’s not just me that labors over every damn sentence in all of this.

2.5 complete evolutions will satisfy the requirements. It’s 5 loads that INCLUDES 2 commencements and 2 completions, 5 discharges that are the same, and then 2 others. Theoretically in 2 complete evolutions it could all be done.

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When they say “commencement” and “completion”, they mean literally being there for the start and end of the operation. So connecting the cargo hose to the manifold and then disconnecting it, including the start of pumping and then later on, the final blow-through.

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Many are not aware you can document your loads and discharges before you take the PIC course. They just have to be over the specified time.

It’s 10.

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It’s 10 total, 5 and 5, and 2 starts 2 stops. TWO within 5 years for renewal, and you just have to “participate” for the 2 required renewal. Fuel transfers don’t count. Every company lies there ass off they write it as 5 and 5 and 2 and 2. 10 total. I am a fucking G hawsepiper tankerman, one of the reasons I AM FUCKING ABSOLUTELY AT PISSED AT BOUCHARD FOR KILLING 2 OF THEM. I worked my way up through the hawsepipe as one and I train the shit the shit out of them.

I’ve helped multiple guys send off for tankerman, if you have any questions, ask it here and I’ll let you know from my experience. But it’s 10 initial and “2” for participating within 5 years for renewal.

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Subchapter M specifically states you need a “Tankerman Restricted to fueling” when it’s fully phased in to fuel up the boat. You don’t need to even take the Tankerman PIC DL class for this, you just need a company letter stating you did 10 including 2 starts and 2 stops.

It’s 5 years. Make sure your transfers are within 5 years AND that they are not fuel transfers. USCG has started rejecting tkm pics for BOTH these reasons.

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My TAMUG nephew sailed his apprenticeship on an LNG tanker in the Far East a few years ago. I advised him to document all loads and discharges. He had over half of the required loads and discharges. It worked out well as after he graduated, he was hired on as 4th officer on Peru/Mexico run. Being fluent in Spanish, he moved up to 3rd mid hitch. He had the remaining required L&Ds his first tour. He took the PIC course when he got off.

I retired in 09 but I would do emergency relief jobs for 2 or 3 days until the union could fill the job. I also contracted for shipyard repairs and IG systems. The last time I renewed my licenses, I sent copies of the DOIs of fuel and lube transfers to and from storage tanks at the shipyard. I was given credit to renew my PIC.

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LG/dL combo is 5 days total, 4 days each individually, 2 days of basic Fire fighting additionally I

If you have the DL or LG and want to add the other, you have to take the class, unfortunately it’s 4 days if you don’t take it at once, AND instead of 10 transfers you need, you need 3 and 3 of whichever you ate trying to add, 2 starts and stops. So 6 extras total.

It’s crazy…I went from wiper/os to AB tug and tow, tankerman grade B and ALG, oiler, electrician, chief M&O, Chief Motor Towing, 2nd Motor, 1st Motor and GT, Chief Motor and GT, 100 ton master and 200 ton mate without attending any school. I didn’t have to take fire fighting until STCW. I did have to take the PIC course after the new requirements went into effect for STCW.


It’s a total of 10 transfers. 5 loadings, 2 of this 5 which must include the start of loading and 2 of this 5 must include the completion of loading. Same for discharges.


Thank you Mr Cavo