How to get your PIC


Do you want to get your tankerman PIC endorsement? There are a few requirements. An important one is 46 CFR 13.127 (a)(4). You must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the PIC that you are fully capable of supervising transfers of liquid cargo, including—

(i) Pre-transfer inspection;

(ii) Pre-transfer conference and execution of the Declaration of Inspection;

(iii) Connection of cargo hoses or loading-arms;

(iv) Line-up of the cargo system for loading and discharge;

(v) Start of liquid flow during loading;

(vi) Start of cargo pump and increase of pressure to normal discharge pressure;

(vii) Calculation of loading-rates;

(viii) Monitoring;

(ix) Topping-off of cargo tanks during loading;

(x) Stripping of cargo tanks;

(xi) Ballasting and deballasting, if appropriate;

(xii) Disconnection of the cargo hoses or loading-arms; and

(xiii) Securing of cargo systems.

If you’ve shown no interest in the above you shouldn’t be surprised when the PIC won’t issue you a loads and discharges letter. Showing up for the load conference then ‘doing sea projects’ in your stateroom won’t earn you shit from me.

Just remember: You don’t know who I am. I could be the PIC on your commercial cruise. I won’t give you a letter if you failed to show interest. I won’t remind you - I’m not your nanny. I’ll just give you what you’ve earned for yourself.

You’ve been warned.


This is a great post, thanks

The only thing I’d add to your post is this:

I don’t do signoffs during the last week of my hitch or the last week of your time onboard as a cadet.

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